One Star in the Universe

December 15, 2017
By benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
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I am from outstreched cornfields,

Reaching for miles in every direction,

And listening to "Chasing Cars",

Playing on repeat


I come from shivering nights,

With hot cocoa on my lips,

And built upon a standing cross,

Pulling away nail by nail


I am made from the souls of my past,

The friends and family that have departed,

And persistantly wearing my blue jeans,

While trying not to lose my sanity


I am from hot summer days,

Inconjunction with a cool dip in the pool,

And am propelled into the nations themselves,

Far too many to reside souly


I am from the group of outcasts and divergents,

But have blended in at every step,

And i am from preforming and singing,

Onstage with my closest allies


I will be from my true form,

Many trials failed before that comes,

And I am from a small town in New York,

One that my neighbors will never know.

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