December 15, 2017
By nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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I used to be magnificent.

Known as a Titan and a trickster, hailed as the defier of gods and champion of mankind.

Blessed with intelligence and brilliance far beyond the narrow-minded gods,

only to be punished with eternal torment.

Day after day, endlessly tormented for my perceived transgression.

I gifted fire to humanity, birthed civilization, and facilitated progress,

only to be accursed for the boons I gave.

This is my punishment, to be chained to the rock of my shame and loathing, ravaged by the symbol of Zeus himself, forced to begin anew at the end of every single day.

King of gods he claims to be, but his arrogance and foolish simplicity leaves him lacking.

I should have been regarded as a hero!

As master of innovation and creation!

From my own two hands, I fashioned man from mere clay,
and started life!

I am a revolutionary!

But now?

I am no more.

Shunned by young gods, disgraced, and forced to suffer.

Someday, I will reclaim my position and take the throne I deserve.

Someday, they will be forced to see my genius.

Someday, I will be free.

Someday, they will all


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