December 15, 2017
By Carter6 BRONZE, Santa Clara, Utah
Carter6 BRONZE, Santa Clara, Utah
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Did you know that experts want to make the school day longer? Well, they think that it will help us in school, but students disagree. We shouldn't make school days longer because students stress levels will increase.

If the school day lasted all day long, It would be so stressful! Student already feel like they are overscheduled in their. The can barely make all their homework and assignments done after school. More school means more stress for the less time they have to do their work. According to the Scope article it says, “A survey from the American Psychological Association found that during the school year, students’ stress levels spike,” (31). Practically, a third of ALL of those responses students said that they felt overwhelmed because of the pressure at school. The people in the United States that got longer schools were angry at their teachers and administration. Making school days longer would just add even more overwhelming stress. That would be the endmost thing they need.

Even though kids in school don’t want to have longer school days,a lot of people in the education system think that we should. If we had longer school days than everyone would be smarter. And if we had longer school days it would help teachers not stress as much because they wouldn't have to rush through their lesson. They could teach it slower and then we could learn it more easily. Teachers could do all the things they want to do but don't get to do. According to the scope magazine article it says “American students came in 24th in reading,25th in science,and 41st in math out of 72 countries-not the worst but far from the best,” (30). If we had longer school days then america would be smarter and we would be better at everything. Then we could keep up better with the other smarter countries.

In conclusion, the stress level will increase, and students will gradually  start failing school. So, if we have school longer, students test scores will decrease. So that’s the reason that the education system should not make school longer.


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