Imperative Destruction

December 15, 2017
By Kevin Li BRONZE, Hudson, Florida
Kevin Li BRONZE, Hudson, Florida
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A world filled with sinners, deceivers,
where the wicked surpass the faint numbers
of the Righteous.
The evil chokes the city,
Injecting DNA, multiplying within
Until it all bursts into flames.

Sin strangles humanity through time,
The virus sees no race, nor age,
Nor sex, nor creed, nor religion.
Bodies fill up each day until the waste overflows.
The toxicity which seeped from Sodom,
Spews out mouths, noses, finally the brain
And convinces us we are larger than He.

But He strikes back viciously,
A cobra’s lightning strike
Pumping fire and thunder into the city center.
Licentious sinners punished
For blasphemy, adultery, homosexuality.
Command, A, delete -
He eradicates the Tempted.

A man and his daughters survive,
By angelic intervention,
Billions read their story for millenia to come.
Alas, the virus survives as well;
Epidemics sweep the world,
The Tempted remain.
He raises his fist back.

50 cannot be found, nor even 10.
Society’s most prominent rape,
Predators sit in the highest chairs.
The legend of Lot’s narrow escape
Harrows none; heed is not taken.
The danger spreads, all become encompassed.
The Lord’s strike moves forward, unknown to us.

The city becomes my body.
The virus plagues me, fills me to my brain.
I cannot refuse the temptations,
I am a Sodomite.
Lord, as your sole believer, I beg your forgiveness:
Bring upon me Lot’s warning
That I may be spared of the lightning and thunder.

The author's comments:

From Genesis 18-32, Sodom and Gomorrah.

There are 6 stanzas because 6 represents man’s imperfection (sin) and each stanza is comprised of 7 lines, the number of perfection because the destruction is intended to help us reach this.

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