I'm Human

December 15, 2017
By Kenny5 BRONZE, Sidney, Illinois
Kenny5 BRONZE, Sidney, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Each and every breath that we make, both while dreaming and while awake, you’re defeating Death, for this reason, with each breath, the control over our life, we take.

You walk in
Everyone’s watchin’
Some are talkin’

You start to tap your feet
Play with your hair
Can’t stay still in your seat

You had a smile
Thought you were cool
Thought you had style

Those people
Your peers
They broke you down
“You look like a clown”
“Why are you even here?”
It’s been too many years
Face your fears

You regain what was lost,
Your feelings they tossed
You realized just what these people are
They’re all just afraid
Fearing the size of your shadow

Someday soon
They’re going to rue
When you prove
To all of them
That you can move
All of their empty words
To the gallows
You’re stronger
Run faster
Last longer
Always remember
You belong here

They’ll always doubt your dreams
Opening your emotional seams
Hoping to destroy your self-esteem
Cause, deep down
They know fully
The ones who bully
They’re so worried
That you’ll write your story
That you’ll find glory
While their life is boring

No longer, do I think this way
All of this negativity
Forever it will lay
Cause today
I take all that’s said to me
Neither badly, nor sadly
I accept it gladly
No more insecurity
Cause all of what’s said
When it’s about you
No matter how true
No matter who
All I’m tryna do
Is remind everyone
Just how important it is
To impact someone.

-Kenneth R. Mantell

The author's comments:

Throughout most of my life, I've experienced some rather traumatic experiences that no one understands or knows about. This piece is an example of how I feel on the inside whenever someone might tease me or whenever I might lose sight of my goals. The importance of impacting someone in any way is overlooked today. I also want people to know one more thing. When you're broken down, it just means you can rebuild yourself to be stronger.

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