December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

You never know you needed something, or someone, until they're gone.
But what if they were never there in the first place?
Always having that empty feeling in your chest,
and you can’t tell anyone about it,
because they would say you're being silly,
that you are not being real.
Cause you can’t feel something toward someone
you never even met.
But they just don’t understand,
It’s not just a longing for someone
Like a future lover or friend.
No, it is longing for someone of the past;
Someone you can’t remember.
And the guilt of not remembering them,
Of not remembering who they were,
Or who you even used to be,
Will forever be taunting.

The author's comments:

Throughout our lives, we meet thousands of people. Some we make connections with, others we don't. Still, when we lose one of these people we can be flooded by guilt. Yet, as time passes, we forget them as they forget us. However, some of us are still haunted by the longing of them.

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