The dangers of isolationism

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

Safe, alone, nothing but sad songs
Running, hiding, we all do it for so long
Before we finally realized that
Our lives are all lies and
Our feelings we disguise

Until it flashes before our eyes
And we finally understand that we don’t even know ourselves
So how can we let someone else
Be nice to us through all the hell

So I’d rather be by myself
Don’t want no hugs don’t want to be held
I will just drown in my own sorrows
And worry bout it all tomorrow
Until somebody comes and sees you and realizes you're not hollow
They see through all the pain and all they see is the beauty

They show you all the power and they show you how to use it
They say you’re beautiful perfect immaculate you’re a scene
What kind of human being is nice enough to say things
Who is this person who sees my life and in me they believe?
Well just look into the mirror because that person well it’s me.

See all along I’ve been the person hiding curled up in the corner
But who knew all along id turn out to be my own mourner
Because that Lonely me is gone
I’m done singing sad songs
I’m not ashamed to say I’ve hid
I will admit I’ve been a kid

But it’s time to grow up because I’ve got so much to give
I’ve finally figured out that my life is the only life I wanna live. 

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