Why Am I Here?

December 15, 2017
By TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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I Can't see
Your beautiful eyes
And your longing gase
Has been taken away from me

I can't see
The way you look
As I cry out
All of my emotions

Like a waterfall
Of feelings
That stabs me
In the wrong way

I can't see
Any more
Because you have won
Because I'm gone

Everything about me
Has been taken away
From My eyes and my ears
I can't hear

I can't hear
Your voice and your cries
The way you try to comfort me
Has flown away

Like a flock of birds
Striking the wind
With the shrieks of there suffering
Is the only thing i can hear

I can't do anything
Because everything is gone
What's the point in anything
If i can't do anything

I am useless
In a society
That is fine
Without me

I can’t see
I can't hear
And I especially can't feel anything

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