Seven Tribes

December 15, 2017
By usertalia_ SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
usertalia_ SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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there is no such this as perfect.

Seven drums beat as the fire was lit.
Seventeen dances are danced by children as there’s
seventy members left.

Six loud cannons explode.
Sixteen sharpened spears are held in the hands of warriors and there’s
sixty members left.

Five feathered hats lie on the ground.
Fifteen fighters fight for their lives as there’s
fifty members left.

Four babies cry for help.
Fourteen nurses help save lives as there’s
forty members left.

Three wild horses run wild.
Thirteen teepees burn in flames as there’s
thirty members left.

Two sides fight against each other.
Twelve bodies lie, dead in rows as there’s
twenty members left.

One bloody battlefield.
One winning side.
One lonely survivor’s left.

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