Growing up

December 18, 2017
By laneciagonzalez1 BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
laneciagonzalez1 BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Dear Past, sometimes I think back and realize exactly how my struggles before molded me for the life I live now
I used to be so angry
Felt as though I was in a sunken place, alone.
I had noone to help me
No one to guide me or tell me right from wrong
Mom was busy
Dad was on drugs
Everyday I just wondered around with my brother and 2 cousins
I hated these days
I envied the life others around me had
Us 4 had to make a way out of no way
No handouts from nobody
That made me learned how to hustle until i got it all on my own
Dear Future, You are exactly what God created you to be
With the mind of a hustler and heart of love
Love yourself or nobody will
Dear Present, You are broken on the inside but put together on the out
Your going through alot, but your faith is what will get you through it all
Just 6 months ago I witnessed my closest cousins being murdered
I lost my mind
But it pushed me to go harder
I learned the rough times in your life prepare you for what’s next
God is key in everything I live for
I now believe everything happens for a reason

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