Where I'm From?

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from Magic snow and snow falling to the earth. I am from the place of weather that change every season and it’s filled with care. My Favorite house anywhere as long as the house is warm.
I am cold jack frost and flying in the winds of winter. I am from the smell of pine  and Christmas carcles. From “clean your room” and “Merry Christmas”.
I am from merry Christmas elfs. From the Grandmother that cooks everyday and the Grandpa that helps you with everything.
I am from all of these things
This is ,where I’m from.


The author's comments:

I love thw snow, I was born in december.                          

This is just a classroom assignment. So I am going to entering it down for this.


I hope that people get you can be you no matter what and how important you family is.

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