Where i'm From

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from the home with a wrap around porch.
                  I am from one home that is big but filled with love.                                                                         My favorite chair that i sit on and birds land on. I am from the blue morning skies and a pond flowing with water.                                                                                                                 I am from multiply voices and the sounds of birds singing.
I am from Mike, and Laura , and Grandparents here and some gone.
From being anything u want and never settling for less and ur best.
I am from a great home and place.
From Grandmother that sang to me when i was little and Grandfather that delivered mail.
I am from all these things.
That began where i'm from

The author's comments:

i wrote this poem as a classroom assignment .I decided to writemy poem on the topic of were i live because i wanted to say were i live ig 

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