When We're Together

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Oh ho, the mistletoe


I like the way the air feels,
How it makes your breath hitch, and you huff to see it,
How you smile, because it doesn’t matter how cold it is,
And you’re happy to be with us.


Hung where you can see,


I like the way the lights shine,
How they caress your face when you look at the tree
How they catch your hair and make it glint like glass
And the thought makes you  smile, and your voice sings so sweet


Somebody waits for you,


I like the way the snow falls,
How your eyes sparkle at the thought of falling flakes, and angel indents,
How for a moment, you’re four again
And the cold air makes you scream in excitement


Kiss her once for me


I like you all, on Christmas
How alive we all get to feel together,
How full our bellies are on cheer,
And I don’t worry,
Because we’re all together.

The author's comments:

In class, we were asked to write a poem. I wrote a free verse about an annual gathering, my friends and I have before Christmas, with a stanza for each friend. The hope I have for people that read this, it to feel as I did while writing it. To feel good, and happy, and to think about their friends, and how their friends make them feel, and if it's a good feeling, why?

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