The vulnerability of the strong

December 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Strength, is one of the more prominent traits of mine.
Holding my shoulders back with my head held high.
Smile on the outside.
Stay together, you can do this.
Internally I am a mess, crumbling like an old foundation.
I just want to call for help, but those whom I need, are needing help from me.
Stand tall, breathe.
Nothing can touch you, nothing but the pain already thrashing inside my soul.
Nothing but the tears rolling down trailing a thick strand of black.
I am like an old house.
Preserved, to look good on the outside yet on the inside reputation and ego hold me together.
I am nothing more than tears, ranged emotions and reason.
But I hold myself together stretching out for that last sliver, the last miniscule bit of hope.
I hold myself together for them, for us, for you.
For me.
I am weak
I am strong.

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