Giving Up

December 14, 2017
By LexyJohnson. BRONZE, Los Altos Hills, California
LexyJohnson. BRONZE, Los Altos Hills, California
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I gave up. I gave up but you did not want to. It was not you, it was not me, but it was us and the distance in between. I loved you, and no it was not just the term everyone throws around loosely, it was sincere. It was real. Prior to the distance, we were together for two years and never in those two years did we bicker or fight. The only time I would fight with you was if you beat me in Mario Kart or Wii Sports; i am a sore loser. You were perfect for me. You were more of my best friend, and similarly to the term love, it was not like you were my best friend temporarily, but you were my best friend for the long run. We just clicked and my heart felt like a hook hooked to another hook; so secure, strong, never could break. But we broke. My hook gave out. I gave up. What was I thinking. For Every one hundred miles that grew in between us, my heart grew more in love with the idea of meeting people and perhaps leaving that dirty old town behind. I wanted to find love in the West Coast. I wanted a life anywhere but there. What was I thinking? No one will ever treat me how you treated me. But something I am glad I have learned was I will never throw away a meaningful relationship for someone else. Why waste all those years of effort and work?

Writer Post Script: I miss you and think about you everyday. I wish you lived here; you would love it.

The author's comments:

I am in a long distance relationship, but we have been dating for two years (& this will be our third Christmas). A lot of long distance relationships do not last, but I think we will and can.

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