Toys at 10,000 Feet

December 14, 2017
By jtracz8876 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
jtracz8876 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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I sit in my cramped seat
between two heavy men with putrid breath,
as they close their own eyes
peacefully ignoring me and the cabin.
Images flash through my head
of icy cold water creeping up on my toes,
as I fiddle with a life jacket,
and listen to babies screaming for their mothers.

My seat begins to rumble softly,
and I hear the sound of the engine,
roaring to life and pushing me back in my seat.
I grip the seat until it hurts,
my nails digging into the cheap plastic,
as my knuckles turn white.
The plane tips me backward,
as my head rams against the headrest,
and I shut my eyes
trying get those images out of my head.

I open my eyes
and look out of the small port of thick glass,
letting the beauty of the sky
loosen my grip and relax my shoulders.
The sky seems to split at the horizon,
a deep blue sky like an ocean,
married with a brush of orange sunburst,
making the rest of the world below seem like toys.

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