December 14, 2017
By jtracz8876 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
jtracz8876 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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My eyes burn fiercely,
but I can still see the light
refracting through the salt and seaweed.
All the way up to the surface,
my boat’s propeller is still spinning sporadically,
it’s rusted underside groaning
as the gash rips apart and grows wider.

I want to break the surface
and fly high and far away from this thick slush of water,
but my wings have been clipped,
falling helplessly to my sides,
rather than spreading far against strong winds.
My feet kick against the cold sharp teeth of the water,
dragging me down like an hungry anglerfish,
it’s devilish face ensnaring me deeper into the blackness.

My lungs are burning and screaming at me for air,
confused as to why I have stopped so abruptly,
but I can do nothing but take in a rush of seawater.
The water goes down my throat like vodka,
cauterizing my throat on the way down
causing me to gag and sputter into more water.
The endless water above me compresses me
further and further into darkness,
until the sputtering and kicking has stopped,
leaving me as heap of garbage
to be swept away by the waves.

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