December 14, 2017

She was like autumn

Illuminating the sky with colors of vibrant orange and fiery red. Piercing your eyes. Pumpkin spice. Embracing your freezing fingertips. Wrapping your world in ideas of change, a blanket of warm intentions. It was as if she was everything you ever wanted to know. Or all you had ever known. She took you without warning and admired everything you were. Street lights, blazing. Unaware. Her fingers grace the back of your neck. Tickling baby hairs. Skin so fair. Transparent enough to see the light she kept inside. How lovely it was that she wanted to know you. A pink abyss of the brisk night sky. Like watching the world from the top of her world. Alone but never really. Fearless anticipation. Sweet sunset. Fragrant intimidation. She’ll let you in. She’ll let you see. Into the deep of her olive eyes. Smoky forest green. She’ll love you. She’ll whisper to you through the wind, into your ears.

And when you smile and look back at her

She will have already


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