Lost in Love

December 14, 2017
By Aminor24 BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
Aminor24 BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
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My future
I always had the picture in my head-
I’d live in a brick house with my husband and two kids;
One boy, one girl
We’d live a happy life, a new adventure awaiting every day
I’d met the love of my life at nineteen and we married that summer
I thought things were going as planned; we were so happy
I was happy
That is, until John went to war
And I spent the remainder of my life waiting for him;
Yet he never came
Each and every day I’d sit alone in my house;
Just thinking of how much I loved him
How much I missed him
I’d revisit all of the pleasant memories we’d shared;
From horse rides in the meadow to dancing in the rain
I couldn't function without him; I wasn't happy
But I sit here now, in my old age, writing this poem
And I think of all the opportunities in life I missed out on
All of the dreams I had;
The dreams which are left unfulfilled
I wanted to travel
To see the world
To have children
Cook for my family
To have a dog
To maintain a garden
Just a glimpse of the life I had envisioned for myself
And I regret every second that I spent waiting for him
So I say to you- if anyone reads this;
Life is precious-
Don’t waste it like I did
Do what your heart desires
Make those dreams come true

The author's comments:

I wrote this from the perspective of Rebecca Wasson from the book: Spoon River Anthology. I hope my readers will realize how important it is to cherish their life on earth and fulfill their dreams. 

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