The Red Lover

December 14, 2017
By averyclairecox BRONZE, Puryear, Tennessee
averyclairecox BRONZE, Puryear, Tennessee
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This ring on my finger
Caused me to linger
Kept me in place
Locked in this case
In sickness and in health
With some or no wealth
Til death do us part
Stuck with my sweetheart

It was a perfect marriage
Like Cinderella and her carriage
But much like the story
It lost its glory
It was reversed;
Going from blessed to cursed
From living like royalty
To losing all loyalty

The love, it was loose
It hid behind abuse
His “I love you’s” were lies
They silenced my cries
The late night quarrels
They had no morals
His words were knives
That ruined our lives

Her name was Mary
Lips red as a cherry
She was quite the flirt
With her short skirt
Long, blonde hair-
what started the affair
6 inch heels
Caused the ordeals

Late nights at work
            Hiding his smirk
His ruffled hair
Caused me to stare
To sit and wonder
Where I had blundered
Where I went wrong
Where did I belong

I grew tired
Our love had backfired
Feeling it was my fault
We came to a halt
No longer together
Stuck in cold weather
The love may fade
He may have strayed

Stuck with him
Life was grim
What was love?
It was his shove
Against the wall
Feeling so small
His fist raised
Looking crazed

3 months later
I felt like a traitor
Heavy with guilt
My world in a tilt
Walking away,
It was the hardest day
Our love was dead
With no future ahead

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