December 14, 2017
By JBonafe BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
JBonafe BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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She is uncertain, yet always around
She is always happening, yet is never seen
She is predictable, yet never known
She is yours to control, yet she has her own path
She is now and later
She is neither destiny nor fate

Although many of these exist, she belongs to you
Although she is invisible, we see her all the time
Although she is the same, she often changes
Although we make mistakes, she doesn't
Although we age, she doesn’t
Although we are behind, she is up to date

Her light shines
Her eyes are bright
Her light can be dim
Her eyes can be dark
Her end can be good
Her end can be bad

I am known
I am loved
I am Hated
I am feared
I am often guessed
I am never found out

I am Future

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