December 18, 2017
By , ionia, MI

As if connected to a parachute they fall with grace and beauty.
Though nobody notices their differences,
They are all unique.
Only those who care to look close enough
Will get to see their real pattern that makes them themselves.

No second looks.
No heads turned.
When falling they go unnoticed,
As if it’s the same snowflake over and over.
When really, every single one has a different story to tell.

These snowflakes are my sister.
When given a closer look can reveal something you can’t see by glancing.
Something that makes a big difference.
Something that makes them special.

My sister is smart.
My sister is funny.
My sister is loving.
My sister is caring.
My sister is unique.

Though every single one of those statements are true,
You have to take a closer look to see that.
You can’t look on the outside and expect all parts of her to be shown.
You need to take a closer look to see her.
The real her.

It’s the same with snowflakes.
You can’t expect for all their parts and beauty to be shown
When all you do is glance.
You need to look closer.
And that’s why snowflakes are my sister.
You just need to look closer.

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