December 18, 2017

  Scrounging the lake far and wide
With my grandpa I ride
For the perfect spot to catch a fish
The food we both love

Fisherman and fish are destined to meet
Though our fishing gear is somewhat obsolete 
Row by row we seek the spot 
Grandpa told me the fish were cruising for a bruising

Row by row
Wave by wave
We sail into a daze
Row by row
Wave by wave
Seems the fish are gone are we too late

Low and behold there it is the perfect spot to catch a fish
We talk and laugh full of joy
We are just like two little boys
Full of joy we catch a fish

In goes the line 
Down goes the bobber
This one feels like a hand throbber

Now it is night we pack our gear
We haul the boat in the back of the truck
Awe shucks we forgot to eat lunch

We leave the lake with twenty two fish 
We are about to prepare one big dish
With a lot of big fish

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