Fake Friends

December 18, 2017
By jazzsinger9 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jazzsinger9 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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A change has to be made
Forget the old me.
Learn from the old me
I could use a few lessons.
Where is my confidence?
Need a place to figure it out
How do I find my place?
Who will be there?
I used to think I was already there
I am so far from it
I’ll be a book
Always have my place on the shelf
I’ll be a celebrity
Always have my vip nook
Took a look around,
Just stopped caring.
The don’t even know yet
Your smoke has left my essence
I already have a new presence
A flower just opened up, blossomed
My eyes will breathe the sun
Evacuating the thick web of your viciousness
Befriending the yang
Escaping the yin
They’re on a rooftop
But, i’m on the moon
Maybe they’ll get there,
Someday soon.
Or maybe they’ll stay locked in their skyscraper room
They provoke me
I’ll sweep them out with a broom.
No longer fueling their flames
I like a challenge
I’m sure you do too.
So we’ll keep moving forward
And brush off what they do.

The author's comments:

A girl struggling to find herself and the group of friends finally realizes the friends she has now are so far below her. Her friends aren't true friends and don't support her. She decides it's time for her to take a new path and let herself shine, embrace the skills and talents her friends didn't even care she had. She thinks abut the future, whenshe'll reach success and they will always be just the high school mean girls.

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