Mystery Boy

December 18, 2017
By jazzsinger9 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jazzsinger9 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She wasn’t very interested
He wasn’t her type
Egocentric weed infested
Views started to change
Attraction started to arrange
Barbie and Ken
A perfect match you would think
So did she
But he was gone in a blink
They looked as though they were in sync
A possible future interlink
He made no sense
He jumped over an invisible fence
She’s on the other side
She watches him keep moving on
Gliding through the water, a deceitful swan
There was a miscommunication
Her thoughts causing accumulation
She learns the importance of adaptation

The author's comments:

In this piece, a girl slowly becomes attached to a boy she initially wasn't interested in. After she gained attraction to him, he pulled back and "dissapeared." From this, she learns something more about boys and how they work, how to adapt to them and their confusing mechanisms. 

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