Growing Up

December 18, 2017
By AustinRB BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
AustinRB BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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Growing up happens so fast,
It’s so sad to look in the past,
You grow up living some way,
But then some day,
You are expected to grow up,
And move away.

You were told to not grow up too fast,
But really that wouldn’t last,
We took for granted the time we had,
I want to go back so bad,
But you are expected to grow up,
And move away.

All those memories with my friends,
Like playing football on the street,
Shooting hoops at the park,
Going to the skatepark,
Playing night time games,
Or swimming and wrestling in the pool,
Playing games on the trampoline,
Going for bike rides or late night drives,
All the sporting events we have gone to,
Places we have ventured of to,
Or just chilling at the house,
Playing board games,
Or playing on the Xbox,
Looking up videos on YouTube,
Or watching movies in the basement,
All the things from my childhood,
Living in my neighborhood,
Are coming to an end,
It’s hard to comprehend,
But you are expected to grow up,
And move away.


All these emotions going through my mind,
Life is not kind,
Soon I will be graduated,
The day is already dated,
College is coming up soon,
After I graduate in June,
Just looking back,
I want to go back,
Go back to being a kid,
I don’t want to grow up,
But that’s not the way life works,
You can look back in the past,
But you are expected grow up,
And move away.

All I have are the memories,
Of the late nights out on the street,
With my friends,
It’s soon will come to an end,
But at least I was able to live the childhood I had,
But it’s not so bad,
Many more great experiences lay ahead,
Growing up may not be as bad as you might have read,
College is one of the times of your life,
Soon after that you may find your wife,
You will settle down and have your own kids,
You can create many more memories
You can give them the great life,
That you had.

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it is ok

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