Battle Of Illusions

December 18, 2017
By Sweswe BRONZE, Mundelein , Illinois
Sweswe BRONZE, Mundelein , Illinois
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I waged war on myself.
Armed with bullets of revulsion,
a bow of repugnance, and an avidity to match the beauty standards.
I bedeviled my melanin with “not light enough.”
I hacked away at my adiposity, brandishing swords of “not skinny enough.”
“Why are you destroying me?” my nine-year-old body cried.
“Because you don’t look like the models!” I howled in reply.
The pulse of my morals yearned to reassure me with “That’s photoshop. That isn’t even real!” but my army of self-hate burned, besieged them.
I had incarcerated my morals,
Crippled my self-love,
Slaughtered my soul,
and blindly rampaged forth along the path of self-destruction.
I was ravaged, looted of self-love by phantasmagoric, unattainable beauty standards.
When I trudged to decay myself in the soil of animosity.
the dirt coiled away, and cried,
“You have already rotted yourself.
There is nothing for me to do anymore.”

The author's comments:

My experiences with self-esteem inspired me to write this poem. This poem is mainly about how I tried to fit into society. I hope people will read this, and understand that some of today's beauty standards are highly unrealistic. There are so many people trying to do the impossible, and match those standards. I would like to let people know that they are beautiful just the way they are, and they don't have to destroy themselves to be beautiful. 

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