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December 18, 2017
By lexi4444 BRONZE, Mundelein , Illinois
lexi4444 BRONZE, Mundelein , Illinois
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I was raised by my father
Baseball fan, Chocolate lover
“Get your homework done” kind of guy
Always pushing and nagging
To get me to be the best I can be

I was raised by my mother
Like a personal planner
“Where are you”, “Did you tell me this” sorta mom
Professional at aggression
Oil therapy obsession
My mother of compassion

I was raised by my sister
Always trying to follow in her footsteps
Curling my hair, fixin’ my makeup
“Borrow this”, “No you can’t wear that”
Gossiping about all the horrible experiences we been through
More than that a best friend I can tell everything to

I was raised by my brother
Movie making, cinema loving director
“We should act this out”, “Wouldn’t that be funny?”
A quick thinker who can can crack a joke in the knick of time
A person I can laugh with through thick and thin.

I was raised by my best friend
Club swinging, comment making queen
A person who can tell everyone everything, never slow to make friends
“We should totally do this”, “No regrets”
1 am facetime calls, 9 mile bike rides
A second sister to me

I was raised by my coach
Perfectionist, technique stickler
The first woman that taught me what cheer jump looked like
“Chins up, Chest up, Confidence”
Having faith in our team even when the odds are against us
Forever setting my standards high for every other coach I’ll ever have

I was raised by my mistakes
If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now
They don’t define me but they make up me
We all continue to learn from them
“Forgot that”, “Why didn’t you do this”
Nobody’s proud of em
But they are a part of life, and I was raised from them

The author's comments:

I was inspired to do this piece because I wanted to express my gratitude for the people who raised me

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