Blue Jay

December 18, 2017
By joellewilkins SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
joellewilkins SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
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Have courage and be kind.

Way up high in a forest oak tree

Looking for this seasons harvest

Feathers ruffled together

Glistening in the freshly fallen white snow

The sun reflecting off of the snow

My feathers shine like blue, white jewels

My long, glossy wings flapping in the wind

As I soar off into the brisk, forbidding sky

Pretending to be free while trapped in this cold-hearted world

The clouds are translucent, piercing right through me as I fly

The misty, frosty sky reminds me of a place that I once visited in my dreams

My home

It begins to snow, hard.

The blizzard, wind, and icy air

Makes my wings begin to fall

Then I fall

My body lays in the wintry snow

Frozen mind

Frozen lungs

Frozen heart

The thought of you warms my heart

As the cold, bitter wind strikes my beak

Unable to breathe

My quiet, weak chirp

Trying to seek help

Leaves me suffocating

I am my worst enemy

Struggling to find hope to keep going

“You have to find strength”

“I will rise”

“God help me”

Faith is my friend

Faith wraps me up in a blanket full of love

My faith warms up my wings

Warms up my heart

GIves me hope I’ve been longing for, for years

I was lost, but now I am found

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