Where I am From

December 18, 2017
By Baseballgod34 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Baseballgod34 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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I am from a small subdivision   

   I am from a backyard football game

   From mini nerf wars that we went all out war

I am from making cookies at the neighbors, then eating them in one sitting

I am from watching Blue Mountain state on netflix and pulling all nighters

I am from lifting after school then having baseball right after

The two day weekend tournaments that you gotta love in 100 degree weather

From bleached jeans

To light khaki shorts knee high just for the delightful summer

Then too freshly bought jordans that are fresher than an Audi 3000

I am from binge watching Game of Thrones until it gets boring...who am i kidding it never gets boring

   I am from playing hide and seek around the whole hood til we drop dead

   I am from my dad

 I am from my mom

   I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan

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