Long lost twin

December 9, 2017

Every day I wake up wondering why your not here

Every night not a second goes by without missing you

Not a day goes by without missing you

The world keeps falling without you

You were my sun the straw to my berry

you were my everything

But as the day's go by

I sit tearfully and wishing you'll come back

You were my sun and moon my everything

Remeber the game's we used to play

the song's we used to sing

the fight's we used to have

I remember every day and night we had together so perfectly

it was almost like you were there

Every day I think it's my fault that you left 

Every night I pray to god you'll forgive me

Every second I wish we never had that fight

Every minute I think about why we had that fight 

Every Hour I wish I could go back in time and stop the fight

But alas we can not so plz come back soon

Time is time we can't change it so we must look forward to it

I miss you

your long lost twin sister,


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