An Unignited Star

December 6, 2017
By gillijam GOLD, Murray, Utah
gillijam GOLD, Murray, Utah
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The human race’s outlook
Has always been unchanging
Negative, obscene, and dark
An overgeneralization, I’ve been told
There was a time once
When things weren’t that way
Not completely
Holding rewind
Zooming before years
Before Politics
Before Pride
Back to a time
When the stars were still cold
So long ago
At least that’s how long it seemed
Before my perspective
Turned so cold
Colder than those uniugnited stars
Icicles formed
A frigid case around my heart
Lethal barbed wires
A race made of monsters
An overgeneralization
You made me realize
Was wrong
I, an unignited star
You, a hand with an ember
Cupped between shaking palms
I had only seen ugliness
From slimy disgraces
Things only changed
Because your stubbornness
Outweighed my reservation
Same species
Same situation
Yet, different reactions
Different outcome
What manner of creature
Could flip the equation
With your stark variables
Flinched away from the outstretched hand
But these fingers
Had a different intention
This mind cleaned of ill will
The dawn opened my eyes
Monsters shouldering massive grudges
And their even larger forms
Concealed the lanterns
Just behind them
You were the one who taught me to look up
To look past them
In the end,
That was all I had needed

The author's comments:

They say things are all about your perspective. If that's true, than we as a race are doomed. Clouded eyes will dull even the most vibrant of situations. 

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