Sparks of Awakening

December 5, 2017
By MarkOfMidas BRONZE, Hays, Kansas
MarkOfMidas BRONZE, Hays, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"I am all"

Somethings happening that I don't know

Time is moving very slow

feelings of falling enter my head

reactions aren't there, they seem to be dead

Am I naturally high?

Why am I about to cry?

The joy, ah yes! The joy inside

Something exciting and full of glee

Somehow relaxtion is what this mood brings me

Chillin' now

Follow the Tao

Positivity fills my emotions

Things still are slow

But I like the feeling

I describe it as a relaxing adrenaline rush

If I was a hand of cards I'd be a flush

All I want to do now is just think and hush

I turn my mp3 on and sound fill my ears

The music causes me to shed a tear

This feeling makes me realize

I'm glad I'm...


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