New Grounds

November 30, 2017

Hands shaking,
Head heavy,
The world's spinning,
I can’t go back to the beginning,

I feel the eyes,
As I walk these halls,
But these are new grounds,
For this new person, I have become,

Haunting my memories,
Forever enclosed inside my skull,
My horrific experience,
That turned my innocence to dust,

A dark empty room,
I feel a bump on my forehead,
Throbbing with pain,
Where am I?

The last thing I remember is the concrete,
A cloth over my mouth,
Breathing in what seemed to be chemicals,
My lungs tightened but then stopped,

Now I wake up here,
Can’t move,
Can’t see,
Why am I here,

Silence and darkness,
The walls echo with the sound of my cries,
Let me free!
Then light,

He walks in with the stare of a lion,
Looking for his prey,
I’m wearing nothing but undergarments,
He walks over to me,

A black snake in his hands,
With every smack, the venom pours out of the welts,
Burning all over my skin,
He tells me to hush or I’d get another,

Weeks of what seemed to be actual hell,
Day after day he’d use me for pleasure,
Taking my childhood and throwing it away,
No longer a happy girl or a virgin,

I thought this was it, till I heard the guns,
They ran in with their shiny badges,
The sight of me must have been scary,
They didn’t even know who I was at first,

Now I am known as the girl who was kidnapped,
Raped, beat, and starved almost to death,
I walk into the bathroom,
It's quiet,

I sit down and do the deed,
Waiting feels like a lifetime,
I look,

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