November 29, 2017
By sierradockery29 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
sierradockery29 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
¨never fall too hard for someone cause you never know what they are capable of¨

Sometimes wanting to cry is the right thing to do
But most of the time its not wanting people to see you cry
But you cant help it because you can’’t hold it in anymore
So you start to cry and wishing it would all end
And you start to think that no body would care because
You are a no body to them and when you die all they would do is
Laugh because thats how you think they are.

Wishing it would all be over now was all you have wanted
For so long now but all you can do is to sit there
And hope people can’t see how broken you really are.
Sometimes you wish that one person would look at you
And see how broken you are and that they would just hug you
And tell you everything will be alright but at the same time you don’t
You don’t want to seem weak because you like that person and they know

Life was getting to hard
They called her a retard and that people didn’t want her here
She felt worthless
she was becoming heartless
She was losing herself
It was like she couldn’t find herself
And that she could never find the way she used to feel because
They took all that away

She didn’t see anything worth saying she was blessed
Each person who saw weak in her aimed at her like a dart
She was like a dart board, always getting hit over and over

She wanted to end the pain all the pain they made her feel
To end her life and to never look back
To end every cruel voice stuck inside
For it all to be gone forever

She was at the point where life was coming to an end
Time was running out like a bomb ticking
The minutes and seconds were almost up
She was pouring flowers out of the gardens in her arms

The pain she once felt long ago
Was coming out now and no way of keeping it in
It was leaving in her mind and it will never return
But in reality it was not gone it was all still there and she didnt want it to be

The author's comments:

sometimes you give up because you have tried to hard

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