The lights

November 30, 2017
By DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
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I lay there, my bare feet exposed on the cool green grass. The dry summer air lifted my gaze to the sky, as I lay on the lawn my fingers intertwined with hers.
“Have you ever seen the northern lights?” I asked her, pulling my gaze from the stars only to see them twinkling in her eyes instead, like a vast ocean of lights.
“What if they don’t come out tonight?” She asks. I study her face, soft, and safe.
“They will.” I assure her with a quick smile. We both fix our gaze on the dark blanket of stars above. Time passes in an odd manner when I am with her. Every second lasts twice as long, but I am twice as aware when one is gone I remember calling out the satellites drifting through the sky like skaters on the ice, a beacon of our existence in a place we don’t belong. A flash of light streaks across the sky. A star falling from it’s home in the sky, blessing us with a wish. I feel her hand grip mine tighter, and I grip hers the same way. I look over to her, her face still locked on the sky. The moonlight and stars illuminate her Ivory skin, the freckles on her face falling from her nose to her cheeks like a waterfall. I knew I loved her then. I had spent so much time admiring her that I had not noticed her change of expression. Her eyes open wide, staring up into the world above. I took another moment to admire her eyes in the moonlight. They were a pale blue, almost a silver. I could stare at them forever. If only this night were forever…
“You were right.” She said breaking the silence.
“They are beautiful.” I turn my head upwards to see symphony of colors swirling in a sky, glittered with stars.  Beautiful shades of shamrock and lavender lit up my now wide eyes. I had seen the lights before, but this was different. It’s like the gods were shining down on us, giving us our own light show, knowing that this night would be locked in our memories for eternity. I suddenly feel the urge to ask and so I do.
“Jade, what did you wish for?” She lay there her eyes fixed on the indigo skyline. And after what seemed like eternity, with a soft and certain voice, one that I will never forget, She replied.

The author's comments:

Insparation is rare, and I think when it comes to you, you need to act on it. I was inspired to write this peace, and I did not let it slip from my fingertips.

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