Where I am From

November 30, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from ballparks, fishing poles, and camps

I am from the 2 story house in “the Ridge” large, lively

I am from the magnolias, the dirt mounds, feeling the adrenaline getting stronger

I am from the sushi Sundays and read bean Mondays

I am from Ricky, Roxanne, and our lovely creator

From the  Friday Night Lights and lovely chicken fights

I am from the family screaming “Isabella Grace!” and “Geaux Tigers!”

I’m from the Faithful Fridays and Spiritual Sundays

From the EJ and Roxanne’s Fam, crawfish and sushi

From the time my grandpa fell in a canal during Katrina and the zip line experience in Montana

I am from the “Wall of Fame” lined up with our pictures along the living room hall

I am from the best family ever, so loving, caring, and true

The author's comments:

This article represents my life and family growing up.  It includes memories and tradition that are held in my heart.  

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