The Rose and the Marionette

November 30, 2017

If I could cry I don’t think I would
For my master never commanded me to
I’d remain on this top shelf staring at space and
Truly after all these years
I realized it is vast and never ending

If I was white
My red would be a stain
For those who tried to pick my beauty and was pricked
Splattering their blood
Defiling my purity

I’d give up my thorns and become a cage bird
I’d cut my strings and ties
To stop the blood shed
To move on my own
Surely I wish this in a sympathetic tone

So decide your love with my petals
Kick me from the top shelf to the ground
You love my crimson red but I hate it
You give up your freedom that I long for

It reminds me of my sin
For I have no heart within
I’d give up my freedom to stop the pain
I’d give up protection just for a vein

To be tamed to be framed
To come and go as I please
What I’d give for such a life
What I’d give for such life indeed

The author's comments:

I am comparing the freedom  of a rose to that of a marionette who is safe and sheltered.However the rose got tired for fighting for itself and wishes for someone to save it regardless of the cost which is its freedom ,but the marionette is willing to sacrifice everything to make more of life rather than being controlled and manipulated.

I believe the rose and the marionette can portray how some people feel through life hoping that it was different regardless of what situation they may be in. 

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