The Rose and the Marionette

November 30, 2017
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If I could cry I don’t think I would
For my master never commanded me to
I’d remain on this top shelf staring at space and
Truly after all these years
I realized it is vast and never ending

If I was white
My red would be a stain
For those who tried to pick my beauty and was pricked
Splattering their blood
Defiling my purity

I’d give up my thorns and become a cage bird
I’d cut my strings and ties
To stop the blood shed
To move on my own
Surely I wish this in a sympathetic tone

So decide your love with my petals
Kick me from the top shelf to the ground
You love my crimson red but I hate it
You give up your freedom that I long for

It reminds me of my sin
For I have no heart within
I’d give up my freedom to stop the pain
I’d give up protection just for a vein

To be tamed to be framed
To come and go as I please
What I’d give for such a life
What I’d give for such life indeed

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