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November 30, 2017
By L.Krasta GOLD, Tirana, Other
L.Krasta GOLD, Tirana, Other
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You know as a young one, I often had an albanian friend tell me this: “I personally fear marrying a black person, because I’ll never be happy, and I don’t want others to find out.” I was too young to start an argument with that person about how disrespectful and incredibly stupid she was, but I couldn’t stop to think, what was she afraid of? What scared her and stopped her from loving people of different races, from seeing different faces? And I know what you are thinking, I already know you’re gonna say, I know that in a way,
everyone is going to say “racism”.

See here’s the thing, it’s not racism we’re dealing with. “Racism” is just another label to describe a problem that we have, but what caused that problem were labels itself. We’re divided like food in the grocery store,
like plates on the kitchen floor,
but somehow we’re looking for more.
For more wars and disgust, for more disrespect when we can just, be one.

See I don’t recall coming out of my mother screaming “Hey guys I’m white!” because I didn’t know, and I certainly didn’t care. If we didn’t care when we were babies why should be care now?
Now, what Sam was afraid of, and I learned that very lately, was the thought of being called “The white girl dating a black boy”. Being labeled in a way that Sam started to believe she is nothing more than “white”. The white girl, Samantha, she loves Starbucks, or as everyone assumes,

hand as she blooms into becoming a woman, divided and yet still a human, she also sees that women and men of different race have the same problem.
They will never be happy, and will always be judged, by the color of their skin, and their labels on their faces, not by what they are inside.

So next time someone decides to insult you by your skin, rip off your label, and shove it up their mouth back where it came from.

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