November 30, 2017
By byc229 BRONZE, Dublin, California
byc229 BRONZE, Dublin, California
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trust is a fragile thing, i must say
we live in a society where we interact everyday
you take years to build up this trust
you communicate, you see, you adjust
to the people you call your friends
until one day, the process just ends.

you feel broken inside
because, really, how could you not have seen this side
of the person you have built up this bond with
this person, whose friendship now feels like a myth.

how did this happen?
we were friends for so long
what happened?
was i really this wrong?

no matter what you do
there are people who know how to chew
and spit you out as if you meant nothing
discard you, as if you were old clothing

you cant control the thoughts of the people around you
but no matter how vulnerable you are,
you can’t let them control you
because you have to remember that you are the most important by far.

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