What they didn't know

November 29, 2017
By Taylorkz BRONZE, Hemet, California
Taylorkz BRONZE, Hemet, California
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What they didn't know

“She has the perfect life.”
“Her life is easy everything is handed to her.”
“Nothing bad ever happens to her.”
“Her house,her family,friends just so perfect.”
“She lives in a fantasy.”
“She smiles alot she must be fake.”
“Her parents buys her whatever she wants.”
“She's just another girl who thinks she's all that.”

Lies I think to myself everytime I hear one of these things. With a smile and a little laugh as I walk away shaking my head saying “If only they knew.”

What they didn't know is my own parents didn't want me until I was in middle school. They didn't know my dad wanted to put me up for adoption until my aunt took me in. They didn't know my dad was abusive whenever he did see me. They didn't know my own sister bullied me for two years of my life at home and at school because she wanted to fit in with the cool kids.

What they didn't know is I've spent most of my life helping others. I go out everyday and give at least 5 people I don't know compliments. They don't know I spend over 50-100 hours a month doing community service. They didn't know i volunteer at elderly home cares and goes to the hospital to talk to disabled kids or kids who have cancer. What they didn't know is that when I travel, I use my own money that I work for to buy the poor food or clothes. They didn't know is that I send boxes of clothing out to places where people can't afford them.

They don't know my past. Like how I barely said a word until I 8 years old because people laughed or made comments on my speech impediment. They don't know I spent a full year of my life in the hospital. They don't know when I was ten years old my heart stopped beating and the doctors had to save me.

What they didn't know is that I spend 12-17 hours a day at school. They don't know how hard I work for the things I get. They don't know how much I do for the school and how much stress I get from it. They don't know that every moment of the day I feel like crying because there's so much stress or the pain they comes from a misplaced bone in my shoulder.

The people who says these things just see me smiling through the hallways. They see me with friends on social media. They see a girl with nice clothes always doing something. They see a girl who's in ASB and sports and automatically makes assumptions. What they really didn't know was me.

The author's comments:

This was written to show that what people see isnt always who they are 

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