The Dance

November 29, 2017
By Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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They dance every year
The joining of ideals both foreign and familiar different but the same

Like the sea raging at night
Foam white and frothy with emotion harboring a cold death beneath its folds

Or fire which warms a home
Only stray sparks send them up like torches bathed in tar for the creatures of night to see and be guided on their way

The dance is violent and it is quiet
With words unspoken yet as loud as shrieks from phantoms

Hands claw but gently grasp
Teeth flash in sneers but smiles
It is a dance only two can complete
Only two can survive

It is the gasp of life and the call of death
The cry of birth and the shriek of empty breath
The dulling of eyes and the opening of innocent stares

It is the dance of human history entangled with life and death
A love story unbroken and unknown by many
Yet it is the greatest romance of all

Humanity mates with life as it mates with death
Feeding both pits of desire with sacrifices from its own flesh and blood
We are the lambs of god sent to snuff desires unsatisfied
Bones stripped of essence to be absorbed by something greater
We know yet do not understand
Yet like eve we are tempted by fruitful knowledge
And this some go quicker than others

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