Where I'm From

November 29, 2017
By catherine1443 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
catherine1443 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I am from paper towels,
from 409 counter cleaner and Dawn Dish Soap
I am from the White House on the corner
(Big, stunning
but it sounded chaotic)
I am from the occasional stunning roses,
the skinny but mighty dead tree
that everyone suggested to cut down

I’m from the karaoke machine and curly hair,
from Vicky Lynn and Bonnie Jean,
and the legendary Jeanne Marie
I’m from the never-ending line of aunts that you better kiss hello,
and the Ooh I’ve Got a Secret
From Close the Dang Door
and Hold It Until The Next Exit
I’m from Keep Jesus in your Heart
and the five Glorious Mysteries

I’m from where everyone knows everyone,
From Grammys pasta and Grammas tea
From the finger that Grandfather lost to the edger
And the eye that my father can no longer see out of

In the old, antique cabinet under the television
An explosion of old photographs and broken photo albums
I am from all of those unforgettable moments- in the house
with the watch dog,
beneath the roof I grew up under
I’m from this place, this family
This mayhem
And it’s perfect to me

The author's comments:

I completed this for an English III assignment. It is very personal, for it is about how I grew up, who I grew up with, and where I'm from. 

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