If Boys Will Be Boys

November 29, 2017
By Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Emily Simon SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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If boys will be boys
Then girls will be girls
Boys will throw insults
And girls will believe them.

They insist on ratings
Scales one through ten
It's a game for their heads
No means to an end

They give out a one
Just to be cruel
It's all to do with them
But nothing with you

Still the numbers remain
They know it too
It's a special power
Meant only for you

They do not see
The coils of dread
Your expression go flat
Your confidence dead

Here have a two
You should feel lucky
You're not a one
You're not as ugly

Still it's a two
Not good enough
Now you're a girl
Obsess with the next step up

What if I fall down to a one?
Two is hardly high
I must have a three
A three will be fine

Then there are threes
Some used to be twos
Most of these girls
Moved up through self abuse

Still there's a compliment
Sometimes four
You look better now than ever before

Next come the fours
These girls are cute
Not much better than when they were twos

Just a quick use
Then out they go
One four down
Another for show

These fours envy dives
The average lot
Very pretty
Borderline hot

They get by with a kiss
Or a wink
Enough to change how they think

I'm better than ones
I'm here on the up
Still better than 2 3 and 4
Though I'm a five
My numbers larger than yours

If I'm correct
Next is a six
Make up and photos
Gives you a six

Enough to please them
But not enough to stay
Out with a six up to a seven
Not high enough is the excuse they say

She'll go home and pray
What more can I do?
Be a seven an eight?

More make up more money
More shine and more honey
Be sweet till it's toxic
Take part in the game
Climb up their ladder
Claim your fame

But once you're a seven
I know what comes next
There's still someone better

And so it begins
The cycle continues
You'll play with the boys
Look for heir views

And sure you will get it
An 8 9 and 10
But how much of yourself
Did you lose in the end?

Where are your friends
Where did they go?
What happened to grades?
When did you start this freak show?

You've been strapped to a carousel
Most of your life
Around and around
With no end in sight

You finally get off
You look around
The parades been closed
The carnival's done
You were an exhibit
The viewers have gone

The number remains
As it always has
But there's newer tens now
And you're still a one
Knock off that zero 10-0=1
You're back to your roots

You went from sneakers
To eighty dollar boots
To get back where you were
When it all started
Isn't it a bit ironic?

How the boys play the games
And they always win
But girls get used
Battered and bruised

But do you know the truth to their game?
It's funny really
They're scared of you

So they manipulate.
Calling her ugly
makes him feel strong
His personality
nothing but wrong

Phycological power is better than muscle
They throw words around
And then girls suicidal

What's worse is when
Either a two or a ten
You step on each other
For a boy not a man

Scales mean nothing
Unless you give it power
Rip it to shreds
They deserve a confetti shower

But don't you conform
Don't question your worth
Pace the way for
Future girls on earth

Don't be defined by a number
Define yourself
We all have names
Put that number on a shelf

No one recalls
If you're a 10 or a 1
People remember
The work that you've done

And your work is worth
Much more than a number
As long as you own it
And lift one another.

The author's comments:

At school boys often rate girls on a scale of one to ten. It happened to me and my sisters. I am a triple. One was called average, a five. The other a ten. I was a one. I am lucky enough to have faith in my looks but some girls have spent years building self confidence only to have a boy tear it down. The truth is, school is meant for an education, not to kill oneself to look pretty. I wish boys saw that. The world is hard enough for women as it is. Girls need all the support they can get from both other females and males. The mentality of basing a girl's worth on her looks needs to change. I hope someday it does.

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