November 29, 2017
By brissadeavila BRONZE, Austin, Texas
brissadeavila BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Why is it that your birthmark is so big?

They ask when they see the back of my right thigh.
Why is it that your nose looks like that?
The question whenever they see my uneven and broken nose.
Why is it that you have a mustache?
They demand when they see my face in the sunlight.
I used to care.
Painfully removed that mustache they asked and cared so much for.
Covered my legs so that my giant birthmark wouldn’t bother them.
I even asked my mother to consider letting me get a nose job.
But that is no longer.
I embrace who I truly am.
Embrace my “imperfections”
My abnormalities,
and I realized that I shouldn’t care about other’s thoughts on my
facial features,
bodily features,
The only person whose thoughts I should
care about, is

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem because it was a good way to just let it out, let others know that they can point out all they like, comment on my looks, but the thing they can't do is change me. 

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