November 29, 2017
By CameronC. BRONZE, Penfield, New York
CameronC. BRONZE, Penfield, New York
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Here I sit; sweat drips down my forehead and splits silently, into the abyss. 

Broken, shattered, these bonds hold me to a dream I couldn’t complete, weak,

Not knowing what happens next until the floor separates from my feet, still not complete

These words seem to fly away lethal to anyone it may meet.


Still, I make my way down the street until my feet can’t keep up with the chains.

These bonds promise me something they can’t keep; still, my thoughts are locked away.

Beneath them I sit, shackles overhead keeping me grounded, surrounded, helpless.

I wait, I can’t keep still, the world is falling beneath me, but only at my feet.


It mocks me, I can’t keep-won’t keep this promise.

Dragging me down are the very bonds of my existence, I fight the urge to stand.

These cuffs make me who I am, I just pretend they are not there, yet they fill the air.

I do not care, for I am still there, I am here, I am everywhere.


Everywhere I want to be until these bonds break down on me.

I sit, broken, restless, this is my legacy, this is an eternity, this world breaks down under me.

I stand my ground, these shackles fall beneath me, to the next person to be carefree.

It will not be me.         

The author's comments:

I one day sat down at my computer and started writing, not even thinking about it, pre-association writing

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