November 29, 2017
By josephj77 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
josephj77 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
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We are all in boxes.
No matter how hard you try to evade the categorisation of your existence it is truly impossible purely because of the amount of people that there are
The amount of people that there are consistently judging you and trying to get a handle on you
In society we are stuck in a cycle of sadness because of the love hate relationship that we associate ourselves with
When we get recognition and are acknowledged for our out of the box thinking we are excited
We are excited and think that we have escaped a land where all basic forms of thinking are
This is our mistake.
After this we are placed back into another box, a separate box for likeminded people
In this box people realise how many people are watching their every move and how judgmental they are
This is where we reach sadness again
It is only possible to reach happiness when we escape this system
When we move in accordance with our own judgment and our own rules
Not anarchy but beauty.
When we realise that only we can place a scale on our creations is when we realise what can truly be done

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