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November 29, 2017
By AlexsMercer222 SILVER, Muskego, Wisconsin
AlexsMercer222 SILVER, Muskego, Wisconsin
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"The only way to truly escape the mundane is for you to constantly be evolving. Whether you choose to aim high, or aim low. Enjoy each day for what it is." Izaya Orihara Durarara

Day by day life goes on
Challenges come out from nowhere in your life
But we conquer the challenges that come our way
When the challenges occur, we conquer the strife

We come back and we try, try again to beat challenges
We face depression among families, we face our own fates
We evade our fates but at a cost
A cost that can be fixed but causes a weight

Day by day people hide who they are
Individuality is concealed and pressed down,
People who shine their individuality are shunned by the world
Those who try to express their individuality are knocked down

Those who resist the world’s mundane of life are legends
World stalks around but wins overall against those who fight
They are suppressed by common reality
Those who resist shine brightly as sunlight

Day by day students face hard challenges but fail
They try to succeed but fail one another
The challenges they face are pawns of reality 
Those who succeed fully fall endlessly further

Those who succeed lose their humanity
Those who succeed and fail follow a path
A path that protect their individuality from the world
Though path protects but falls from the world's rath

Night by night when world fades to darkness
A different feeling comes from above
Though they come challenges still rome
Until the mind is done and sleep brings love

As their minds drift to sleep, the challenges fade
Dreams erase all the challenges that have come
Hurt fades into nothingness and the joy that was hidden
Surfaces when the challenges are overcome

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