Shots in History

November 29, 2017
By Eimilie BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
Eimilie BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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Shots sound
Field to field
Yells all around
From men left and right
Red coats flood the space
Marching one after the next
Brave and mighty
Footprints settle
In the muddy terrain
Rebels soon show up
Courageous and strong
They don't give up
Even when outnumbered
Hours pass
Days drag on
The war continues
No signs of letting up
A glorious day comes
For peace and tranquility
Fog blankets the fields
Bodies shadow each other
Redcoats retreat in fear
They flee with no hesitation
Hurrahs sound gleefully
Heard around the land
All is at peace
As the day closes near end
Orange hues in the sky shine bright
Creeping over the mountains
The sun inches up
Over the fallen men
Exposing the dead
Never forgotten
The rebels head home
With warm hearts
Knowing they have won

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