November 29, 2017
By taylersain BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
taylersain BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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It was the evening of the first day of Christmas break and I was waiting for Dad to come home while drinking organic-whole foods-dairy free-peppermint hot chocolate. It had snowed all day and now the snow was a white blanket covering my backyard. I was anxious to make a snowman and left the organic-whole foods-dairy free-peppermint hot chocolate unfinished to go put on snow pants and boots in preparation. When Dad got home, it was already starting to get dark so we turned on the porch light and the snowflakes glittered in the LED light like fairies. There was a snowman making kit somewhere complete with coal eyes,  a wooden-carrot nose, a knit scarf, top hat, and all. We realized the snowman kit was missing after I had already set foot into the heaps of fluffy cotton-ball snow and upon returning inside to search for the kit, I stood frozen in spot as my snow pants and boots dripped melted snow steadily onto a towel under my feet like the icicles that melt off my garage roof when the sun comes up. The kit was found and we returned outside to complete the majestic snowman. The little dog followed me outside and saw his first snow. He was so small he walked on top of the icy thick snow that my boots sank through and got stuck in like quicksand.  Seven year old me deemed the base of the snowman my father, the middle my mother, and the smallest top piece myself. The little dog was the carrot nose. His favorite color is orange, after all. The snowman stood outside my window and watched over me until the warm spring air melted him away.

The author's comments:

Written in creative writing class as a short Christmas anecdote. 

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